Swimming Lesson for Kids DVD| Waterproof Kids DVD Now Available

The Waterproof Kids DVD are able to assists parents on teaching kids on how to learn swimming in a adaptive, fun, enjoyment and positive way. Besides that, this educational video are able to teach swimming lessons for kids that also emphasis the safety of the kids while learn to swim in the water.

The video is hosted by Gayle Anderson and this educational DVD was also the won the winning award of the iParenting in year 2005. The content of the DVD are inclusive of segments on babies from 6 months old to 2 years old, toddlers from 2 years old to 4 years old, for children from 5 years old to 12 years old, teens and adults, and also a program on open water

Waterproof Kids DVD

Positive Educational Style
Helps parents teach children of all ages how to swim in a fun way
All Swimmer Ages
Includes segments on babies 6 months to 2 years, toddlers 2 to 4 years, children 5 to 12 years, teens and adults, and a segment on open water


iParenting Award Winner
Recognized for teaching kids to be safe in the water as they discover the fun of swimming
Special Bonus Features Included
Learn new swim technique and water safety tips


The other part of the DVD is that especially on the module on teaching babies from 6 months to 2 years old, the module takes about 10mins long which is generally speaking is not enough to grab on the module by teaching the baby learn swimming. The expectation is to teach baby learn swimming not just on teaching the breathing skills, but at least the learning is until the stage of let the baby able to float inside water.


The Waterproof Kids DVD is essential for those parents that wanted to provide to their kids for being safe and at the same time having fun in the water as well as teaching the kids on swimming lessons. The video able to show every steps in details that parents need to know on teaching the kids and even small baby swimming techniques.

Besides letting parents learning the techniques on teaching the children swimming, the children also able to gain the fun and interest on learning swimming. Children can sitting around the tv while playing this DVD, enjoy all those footage on the kids floating on the water, swimming completely under the water, making the children can’t wait and getting excited on to learn the underwater skills without fear. The children can made more progress in learning by watching this DVD that being inspired and motivated on watching those interesting children swimming footage.

The step by step on the module is astonishing. The instruction is simple and able to effectively demonstrate the technique for parent especially the children safety in the water, different module for different children age such as babies, toddlers, teenage and as well as adult swimming lessons.

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