4 Common Swimming Stroke

In general, there are 4 common swimming style and use for Olympics Swimming Events. The common swimming stroke are freestyle, backstrokes, butterfly stroke and breaststroke. Among these swimming stroke, butterfly stroke is one of the fastest swim strokes. Backstrokes and breaststroke is most common and consider for beginner to learn swimming.

No #1: Freestyle

Among all the swimming stroke, freestyle is the stroke most commonly
sees during Olympic swimming event. Technically, this stroke are
actually not easy to learn, however, it’s consider the fastest strokes
beside butterfly strokes. Freestyle stroke is consider require less
breathing time compare to other strokes. It is also call freestyle is
because while swim in freestyle, the arm and the leg is freely and
naturally motion without require follow though between arm and the

No #2: Butterfly Stroke

Butterfly stroke is the hardest and most difficult to learn among all
the swimming stroke. However, if you are determine and practice more,
you can swim with butterfly stroke and learn in the end. This stroke
are basically has 2 major motion to remember: kick and stroke. The
kicking style is like the dolphin style. The stroke is combine with
pull, push and recovery. In general for learn swimming, you should
grasps all the swimming stroke such as freestyle, backstroke and
breaststroke before learn the butterfly stroke.

No #3: Breaststroke

Breaststroke is consider significant different among the other swim
stroke. The breaststroke can be difficult to master as the swimming
style is completely different. However, it is still be able to learn
compare to butterfly stroke. You can see especially during the Olympic
event on the tv, the swimmer are swim like a frog action type where
the leg seperate each other during kicking motion. Both arm movement
and legs kicking need to work together and not freestyle motion as
what freestyle stroke suppose to be.

No #4: Backstroke

Among all the 4 swim stroke, backstroke is the most simple to grasp and master. The basic skills that you needs to learn before backstroke is to learn the floating skills. The floating skills is similar to sleeping on the top of the water. Leg and arm starts kicking and moving, automatically the body will move forward easily. In addition, breathing for backstroke is the easier among any other strokes due to the mouth and nose are always above the water level.

Finally, for every beginner to learn swimming, it is always recommended to learn to learn to swim basic stroke such as backstroke, freestyle, breaststroke. After master the basic stroke, then only start to learn the butterfly strokes.

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