Lady Swimming Lesson

Besides Yoga workout, swimming is another best choice for lady cardio exercise. Swimming not only able to improve stamina and strength of the heart and lung, it’s also able to control weight. Swimming can create a perfect and sexy bodyline of a woman that can gain back confident and desire body weight.

Benefit of swimming

Ladies Swimming Lesson Malaysia

Ladies Swimming Lesson

Swimming is consider low-risk exercise, lady swimmer is not require to worry about common injuries during work out or fatality such as joint problem, muscle injuries and etc. Swimming also is suitable for ladies that commonly with osteoporosis problem. You can join swimming lesson with hassle free, relaxation and stress free.

According to study, pregnant women can be more comfortable exercise in the water rather than on land. Swimming is easy exercise for pregnant woman to improve the difficulties during labor. Because swimming is relax exercise and release stress, women can sleep better, and overcome those psychologically challenges during pregnancy.

Swimming Preparation

You would need to prepare before attending the swimming lesson. During the swimming lesson, you should wear a proper swimwear and recommended to also bring along the goggle for attending the swimming lesson. It is highly recommended to buy one if don’t have. It is important to choose the right swimwear and goggle that is comfortable and perfect fit base on the kids size and measurement. The outfit and goggle has direct impact the swimming lesson progress. Besides that, it is also not advisable to have eaten one hour before swimming lesson. For ladies with long hair, it is recommended to bring along swim cap as well.

Our lady swimming lessons are for both beginner and experienced swimmers. Simply click on below for registration for lady swimming lessons; you can have option for private lesson, group lesson and even special request for woman instructor. We are most welcome to assists on the arrangement.


Registration as below:

Please refer to Private Registration Lady Swimming Lesson.

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  1. I would like to now how much the fee charge for ladies swimming lesson with female instructor? Around kajang and semenyih area, We got 4persons, 2adults ( Mother ) and 2 kids ( daughter 9 & 5 years old )

  2. Hi. I would like to learn swimming, though I am afraid of water. Would like to know how much is the charges and the schedules. By the way, I am staying in Shah Alam and prefer classes during weekends. Weekdays, I work in KL, if you have other convenient locations near my office. TQ

  3. Good day, I would to enquiry for fees for group ladies and private ladies near jalan ipoh or setapak area. And what is the minimum pax required to be considered as a group? Thank you.

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