Learn Freestyle Stroke

For a new beginner to learn swimming in freestyle, learn on how to do the stroke, learn to breathe during the stroke and conquer the fear of the water. Our swimming instructors teach the freestyle from basic to advance swimming skills every day. In order to overcome the challenges for freestyle is not an easy task but it needs to have determination and with our coaching skills knowledge and methods, with a little bit of effort.
Start kick the a wall while facing forward to enter the water
You can choose to use a dolphin style for the leg kicking by bend the knees and let the legs extend up toward the surface of the water on maintain the underwater speediness. While moving forward, you need to break into a kick while arrive the water surface and start back the freestyle stroke again.
You can also entering the water by start off a wall, or pushing off the wall, using one hand to hold the wall and use one arm to point where you target to swim. Once you start moving forward, kind off the wall with the legs and move into a line position with your arms straight out over the head. Your hands will starts to overlapping and the legs and your toes pointed and the knees and body is in the straight position. You need to start kick the water when you reach the surface, and start back the normal free-style stroke again.

Make your body parallel to the bottom of the swimming pool
You also should swim with your head at the centered position and your eyes is always focused front and on the bottom of the pool. You need to swim until you come up for air to breath. You will be turning your arms and shoulders and twisting the body as you swimming and move your arms. However, your head should keep at centered position until you can breathe up the surface of the water. This position will provide a good balance as you need to swim freestyle with little effort.

Bent the elbow out of the surface of the water.
Prepare yourself to twist your arm as much as you can to reach the surface of the water. You’re the other arm that is inside the water should be straight and at the direction of the bottom of the swimming pool, as and when you extend it backward.

Swim forward with the arm
You need to extend the arm as much as you can to maximize your swimming speed and can faster to reach the destination while covering the swimming pool. Remain the fingers together straight to make a little bent with your hand. The other hand should also twists backward until it is parallel with the other side of the arm.

End of the stroke
While finishing the freestyle stroke with the first arm, you will need to catch another stroke, that’s mean you have to curl your hand back inward toward your belly button. Then twist out again by the hip as your hand pulls on the water and enter the water. This definitely help to maximize the balance and control the body while underwater, which also help to move the body forward. If you have just move the arm back in a line position, you won’t be able to catch the water. If that is the case, you should extend the arm behind you so that your thumbs is at the side of your thighs below your body line.

Kick the feet just under the water surface
You should remember that the feet should make a quick series of kick instead of large and extended kicks. It can give the speed and balance of the body while swimming as freestyle that you need. You should also point the toes to extend same as flippers, which can help the body to keep the hips at the centered position and body balancing.

Breathe every third stroke
While swim freestyle, you should not breath every stroke, but at every third of the stroke. Stroke with your first arm and another arm, then start breathe when you stroke the first arm again. Then stroke with another arm, and first arm, and then breathe when stroke the other arm again. As and when you go to the surface breathe, make sure the ear on one shoulder and the cheek is in the water, allowing the mouth enough room to breathe easily.

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